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The Oxford Collection in Indigenous Studies provides students with low-cost access to up-to-date content by prominent scholars. This collection features a diverse range of Oxford University Press titles, authored by leading Indigenous voices. This is an easy-to-access platform for a catalogue of interdisciplinary perspectives in Indigenous Studies.

Included in the Collection are seven books ranging in topics and authors.

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Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity

Third Edition

Edited by Martin J. Cannon and Lina Sunseri

This unique collection of works by Indigenous scholars explores how the interplay of racism and colonialism has shaped the lives of Indigenous people in areas such as family relations, criminal justice, territorial rights, identity, citizenship, and relations with settler colonialists.  

Indigenous Peoples in the Twenty-First Century

Fourth Edition

James S. Frideres

 A concise yet comprehensive introduction to the continuing repercussions of colonialism in Canada, this text addresses crucial issues such as the legacy of residential schools, intergenerational trauma, and Indigenous languages and culture.

Indigenous Peoples within Canada

Fifth Edition

The late Olive Patricia Dickason, William Newbigging, and Cary Miller 

This text spans the full history of Indigenous Peoples, beginning with origin stories and the pre-contact era and then tracing the development of Indigenous-European relations from contact to the present day. Indigenous perspectives are centred throughout, with Indigenous interpretations of historical events and Indigenous contributions to the history of what is now Canada foregrounded. 

Visions of the Heart

Fifth Edition

Edited by Gina Starblanket, David Long, and the late Olive Patricia Dickason

This thought-provoking, contributed collection by leading scholars is an indispensable resource for understanding contemporary issues involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada, such as modern treaty relationships, cultural resurgence, and critical examinations of gender and sexuality. 

Aboriginal History

Second Edition

Kristin Burnett and Geoff Read 

Combining contemporary articles with historical documents, this engaging reader examines the rich history of Aboriginal peoples within Canada through a thematic lens. Primary documents accompany each reading to provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the long and complex history of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada. 

First Nations People in Canada

James S. Frideres 

Frideres' introduction to the current status of First Nations peoples considers often troubled relations with the federal government as well as their surprising resilience. This fascinating assessment draws on all the most recent and most reliable data of First Nations peoples across Canada, both on reserve and in urban centres. 

Peace, Power, Righteousness

Second Edition

Taiaiake Alfred 

Taiaiake Alfred calls for the indigenous peoples of North America to move beyond their 500-year history of pain, loss, and colonization, and move forward to the reality of self-determination. His account of the history and future of the indigenous peoples of North America is at once a bold and forceful critique of Indigenous leaders and politics, and a sensitive reflection on the traumas of colonization that shape our existence.

List of Chapters by Topic


Visions of the Heart, Fifth Edition

Chapter 8: Renae Watchman and Robert Alexander Innes, Transforming Toxic Indigenous Masculinity: A Critical Indigenous Masculinities and Indigenous Film Studies Approach to Drunktown’s Finest

Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity, Third Edition

Chapter 11: Robin Bourgeois, Perpetual State of Violence: An Indigenous Feminist Anti-Oppression Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Aboriginal History, Second Edition

Chapter 12: Sara Carter, Categories and Terrains of Exclusion: Constructing the “Indian Woman” in the Early Settlement Era in Western Canada


Visions of the Heart, Fifth Edition

Chapter 9: Kim Anderson and Jessica Ball, Foundations: First Nation and Métis Families

Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity, Third Edition

Chapter 13: D. Memee Lavell-Harvard and Kim Anderson, Introduction: Indigenous Mothering Perspectives

Aboriginal History, Second Edition

Chapter 7: Lori Chambers, Indigenous Children and Provincial Child Welfare: The Sixties Scoop


Visions of the Heart, Fifth Edition

Chapter 11: Deborah McGregor, All Our Relations: Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Issues in Canada

Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity, Third Edition

Chapter 23: Anne Spice, Fighting Invasive Infrastructures: Indigenous Relations Against Pipelines

Aboriginal History, Second Edition

Chapter 13: Liza Piper, Industrial Fisheries and the Health of Local Communities in the Twentieth-Century Canadian Northwest


Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity, Third Edition

Chapter 21: Lisa Monchalin: Crime Affecting Indigenous Peoples: Over-Representation, Explanations, and Risk Factors

Visions of the Heart, Fifth Edition

Chapter 10: Lisa Monchalin and Olga Marques, Terminating Canada’s Failed System of Injustice: Unmasking Colonialism, Redefining Relationships, and Re-establishing Balance

First Nations People in Canada

Chapter 5: Crime, Justice, and Victims

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