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What is Inclusive Access?

What are the benefits?

Inclusive Access provides high-quality, trusted digital material at a discounted price—which means savings—and improved outcomes for students.

> Lowest material  cost to students

> Day-One access

> Available anytime,  anywhere

Our partnerships with major higher education bookstore retailers and e-learning delivery leaders make it possible for students to easily and quickly access affordable content on the first day of class.

Why use Inclusive Access?

Course material cost and confusion negatively impact almost 50% of all students.

85% of students delayed or avoided purchasing course materials

This negatively impacted grades for 50% of these students

With Inclusive Access, you can:

  • Provide students with course material on Day One
  • Make course material more affordable—students save as much as 70%
  • Increase engagement with immersive, engaging digital content
  • Enjoy academic freedom—virtually any content can be adopted for use in Inclusive Access
  • Improve student success and retention with analytical tools and insights

How does it work?

All students are given access to digital course materials on Day One of classes through your school's Learning Management System.

Work with your OUP representative to select material for course

Contact your bookstore manager and/or your campus IA coordinator

Prep for Class

Your OUP representative can provide an overview of Inclusive Access and any course content.

Let them know that you're interested in Inclusive Access for your course. They will work with their preferred vendors and formats to provide the best value for your students, and can provide details about content pricing and class fees for students.

Make sure that your syllabus and course listings indicate that course materials are offered through Inclusive Access, and work with your campus to post any digital ancillaries to your institution's LMS.

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