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Baronett’s Logic, Fifth Edition, is supported by a wealth of digital teaching and learning tools to ensure your students’ success. We can deliver these resources in any learning management system:

…or host them on OUP’s simple, mobile-friendly learning platform:

Assignable Resources

Assignable Proof-Checking, Venn Diagram, and Truth Table modules allow students to enter solutions, check their validity, and receive meaningful feedback on their work.

To illustrate, the Proof-Checking Module enables students to enter a proof solution:

…check its validity:

…and receive line-by-line feedback:

The Venn Diagram and Truth Table modules work in a similar way, providing a comparable level of support for students:

In addition to the interactive modules that contain around 800 exercises, Baronett’s homework solution delivers around 2,400 auto-graded multiple-choice questions, which also provide feedback:

All of these exercises are linked to learning objectives and report to a Gradebook, providing deep insight into student performance.

In addition to all of this, Baronett also provides instructors with the BASICS DONE WELL:

Classroom-ready PowerPoint lecture outlines for each chapter

An Instructor’s Manual with answers to every set of exercises in the book

Two Test Banks: (1) A Traditional Test Bank (“pencil-and-paper”) has around 1,500 test questions that allow students to develop extended analyses, such as drawing Venn diagrams, completing truth tables, and doing proofs. (2) A Multiple-Choice Test Bank that includes the same 1,500 questions as the Traditional Test Bank, but that are all closed-ended questions.


For students, we have suite of dynamic self-study tools:

Video Tutorials guide students through representative homework problems

1,500 auto-graded Self-Practice Questions

Interactive Flashcards

Tip Sheets and Chapter Guides that help students to focus on key concepts by highlighting each chapter’s main points

An Interactive eBook that integrates all these self-study resources in-line with the text itself

All of these resources and more come with every new copy of Baronett’s Logic.

Want to learn more or examine Baronett’s digital program for yourself?

Contact your OUP Representative for more information:

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