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Of the People, Fifth Edition, is supported by a wealth of digital teaching and learning tools to make history meaningful and memorable and  ensure your students’ success. We can deliver these resources in any learning management system:

…or host them on OUP’s simple, mobile-friendly learning platform:

American Portrait

Each chapter opens with an American Portrait feature, a story of someone whose life in one way or another embodies the basic theme of the pages to follow.

Struggles for Democracy

Each chapter includes a Struggles for Democracy feature, focusing on moments of debate and public conversation surrounding events that have contributed to the changing ideas of democracy, as well as the sometimes constricting but overall gradually widening opportunities that evolved for the American people as a result.


Maps provide the opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of geography.


Timelines provide dates for all of the key events discussed in the chapters.

Primary Sources

All versions of the text now include end-of-chapter primary source documents, both textual and visual, designed to reinforce students’ understanding of the material by drawing connections among topics. Nearly all chapters in the fifth edition include at least one new source document.

Personal Practice

As students go through the chapter, they come to an End-of-Chapter Practice activity that is tailored to their individual learning needs. Informed by the student’s learning estimate, the practice session provides scaffolded questions and remediation materials designed to give students practice where they need it the most.

Learn by Doing

Learn by Doing turns passive readers into engaged problem solvers through Learn by Doing questions that require students to recall information they read about in the chapter.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop activities ask students to recall information and apply what they have learned by dragging and dropping answers to questions.

Pop-over Key Terms

Pop-over Key Terms provide definitions on the spot to help enhance the learning experience for students.

Digital resources on Oxford Learning Link include:


Flashcards help students understand and master key terms and definitions.

Closer Read

Closer Read exercises help students learn primary source comprehension and critical evaluation through a three-step process. First, a video demonstrates how a historian may annotate and interpret a primary source document. Next, students identify context and meaning of a separate primary source document. Finally, students practice annotating by matching comments to key sections of the primary source.

Closer Look

Closer Look activities help students look more closely into the past and examine historical images with an investigative eye through video and narration.

Note-taking Guide

Note-taking Guides teach students how to glean the most relevant information from the text.

All of these resources and more come with every new copy of Of the People, Fifth Edition.

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