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See how Oxford Insight pairs quality Oxford content with powerful, data-driven courseware to optimize student success.

Oxford Insight delivers quality content within a learning-science-based course delivery platform that optimizes the teaching and learning experience

Includes the highest-quality content from Oxford University Press, optimized for today's teachers and learners

Offers a more personalized and engaging learning experience

Provides clear and practical data to drive actionable insights

Features seamless integrations with learning management systems

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Explore a walk-through of the features and learning science behind Oxford Insight within the platform itself.

Learn by Doing

 A research-based approach to optimizing learning

The platform is founded on 12 years of research at Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative, which proved strong correlations between learning activities and learning gains.

This Learn by Doing approach, paired with personalized learning, is essential for improving student success.

Data-Driven Design

Measure learning, intervene, and provide targeted support through rich data analytics

Reveal what students do/do not learn

Quantify how well students have learned each learning objective

Identify consequential patterns in students’ learning behaviors

Personalize the learning  experience for students

Anatomy of a Course

Engagement through active learning 

Courses include topical lessons, clear learning objectives, and embedded practice in the form of assessment questions. Student performance on formative activity questions drives personalized content and assessment at the end of a unit of learning.

Typical page in eReader: basic text

Oxford Insight: a lesson with a  learning objective  and embedded  practice questions 


Adaptive practice tailored to each student's needs

Oxford Insight's Personal Practice activities assess knowledge at the end of a section to prepare the student for a summative assessment.

Based on their performance in the lesson, students are presented with a set of Personal Practice questions and additional support or remediation content adapted to their level of mastery.

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