A Next-Generation Study Experience

See how Oxford Insight Study Guide actively engages students in course content while encouraging effective reading and study habits

Developed with a learning-science-based design, Oxford Insight Study Guide engages students in an active and highly dynamic way

Offers active engagement with high quality Oxford University Press content.

Provides a powerful, data-driven and student-friendly user experience

Allows for personalized practice to deepen student understanding

Includes real-time, actionable data to enable informed decision-making

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Drive Engagement

A textbook companion experience

Reinforce understanding of core course materials

Guide students to the right answer, rather than reveal it

Challenge students to critically assess their own understanding of course material

Learning-Science-Based Design

Optimized learning through research and data

Every aspect of the study guide experience is designed to promote effective learning, emphasizing recall over recognition, encouraging students to read for meaning and context, and rewarding students for behaviors like spacing their study sessions.

Real-time, actionable data generated by student activity in the tool helps instructors ensure that each student is best supported along their unique learning path.

The Learner Experience

A highly engaging, personalized review

Gamified, fast-paced chapter-based assessment activities reinforce students’ understanding of learning objectives covered in core course material.

Personal Practice sessions prioritize material with which individual students need the most help.

Assignable Self-Study

Learners assess their own understanding of material

Students work towards a target number of points in each chapter. When students reach the target, they earn 100% for the chapter, allowing them to build their knowledge and prepare for higher-stakes assessment in a low-stakes environment.

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