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The OUP Linguistics team has gathered a collection of freely available chapters and journal articles, along with new publishing highlights, for the SLE21 virtual meeting from across our platforms. Save 30% on our conference booklist by using conference code EXSLE-21 when you checkout. 


Free articles and chapters

'Race, Humor, and Politics: Racialized Joke-Telling and Anti-Immigrant Politics in Northern Italy '

Sabina Perrino

H. Samy Alim, Angela Reyes, and Paul V. Kroskrity, eds.

'The extraordinary and changing role of women in Dutch language history'

Marijke van der Wal and Jan Noordegraaf

Wendy Ayres-Bennett and Helena Sanson, eds.

'Eurolects and EU Legal Translation '

Łucja Biel

Meng Ji and Sara Laviosa, eds.

'Languages and Sociolinguistics of the Caucasus'

Nina Dobrushina, Michael Daniel, and Yuri Koryakov

Maria Polinsky, eds.

'External motivations for Jespersen’s cycle'

Anne Breitbarth, Christopher Lucas, and David Willis

'Central and Eastern Europe'

Maciej Karpiński, Bistra Andreeva, Eva Liina Asu, Anna Daugavet, Štefan Beňuš, and Katalin Mády

Carlos Gussenhoven and Aoju Chen, eds.

'On the origins of French and Occitan'

Clive R. Sneddon

Sam Wolfe and Martin Maiden, eds.


Harm Pinkster

Additional free articles

From Oxford Research Encyclopedias

From our journals

Introduction: comprehensive sexuality education in ELT

Dario Luis Banegas, Dimitris Evripidou

ELT Journal

The effects of dictionary use on second language vocabulary acquisition: A meta-analysis

Songshan Zhang, Hai Xu, Xian Zhang

International Journal of Lexicography

Definiteness, Uniqueness, and Maximality in Languages With and Without Articles 

Radek Šimík, Christoph Demian

Journal of Semantics

Publishing Highlights

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