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Jewish Studies

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Judaism and Buddhism

Until recently, the field of Jewish-Buddhist studies had been neglected. The dearth of proper academic literature on the relationship between Judaism and Buddhism remains a problem...

Jews and Animals

Jews and animals. The two would seem a fraught pair, just as the pairing of any human group with animals suggests an assault on the dignity of that group...

New Age Judaism

New Age Judaism, sometimes also called “Jewish Renewal” or “neo-Hasidism,” is an umbrella term used here to describe the loose assemblage of various cultural initiatives and collective individual practices that have emerged in North America and in Israel since the late 1960s under the influence of the counterculture and later the New Age spiritualities...

Judaism and Visual Art

Until the late 20th century, it was widely assumed that visual art could be of only negligible significance to a Jewish tradition that had been principally mediated through written texts...

Race and American Judaism

Jews in America have had a complex relationship to race. At times, they have been described as a racial minority, whereas at other times, they have been able to assimilate into the white majority...

The Eruv as Contested Jewish Space in North America

The eruv is perhaps the most creative, confounding, and contested spatial construct in Judaism. Territorially, it demarcates the urban space within which prohibitions otherwise attached to Sabbath observance for Orthodox Jews become permitted...

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