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In 2015, the annual mean global atmospheric carbon dioxide level surpassed 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years. This November, global leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow to discuss climate pledges to mitigate these rising carbon dioxide levels and keep 1.5 degrees warming in sight.

Our Climate Science Hub brings together journal articles, book chapters, and blog posts from academic experts. All the content is free to read and organized into three parts for easy navigation: Research on Climate Change; Research on Climate Change Impacts and Environmental Degradation; and Research on Climate Change Solutions.

Research on Climate Change

Eelco J. Rohling looks back at natural changes to our climate as a benchmark to compare with current climate change.

Joseph Romm considers how climate change will impact your life and livelihood over the coming years.

This article in Oxford Open Climate Science looks at climate change and the fast fashion industry.

In this episode of BioScience Talks, Climate Emergency coauthor Jillian Gregg, who is with the Sustainability Double Degree program and the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University, joins us to discuss the latest climate update and the urgent actions needed ensure the long-term sustainability of human civilization.

Read this highly cited piece of research from Bioscience, which looks at recent changes in planetary vital signs.

Research on Climate Change Impacts and Environmental Degradation

Mark Rowlands looks at three dominant environmental threats: climate change, mass extinction, and pestilence.

Growing areas of aquatic hypoxia are threatening our oceans and rivers. David Kirchman explains how.

Pamela Hill looks at age disparity and environmental justice.

Coasts and estuaries are marine ecosystems at the forefront of climate change. This chapter uses detailed graphs to show the impact it's having.

Tim Woollings on how the pattern of warming affects the Jet Stream - and why it matters.

Nadine Le Bris and Lisa A. Levin explore the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems.

Research on Climate Change Solutions

Kristin Shrader-Frechette argues that renewable rather than nuclear energy is the solution to climate change.

This joint editorial from hundreds of journals outlines what must be done to fight climate change.

This chapter gives a concise survey of the current climate solutions we have.



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