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Help each one succeed with
solutions based on learning science

Active Engagement, Deeper Understanding

Developed with a foundation in learning science, Oxford Insight courseware and Oxford Insight Study Guide enable instructors to deliver a personalized and engaging learning experience that empowers students by actively engaging them in course content.

The New Standard in Courseware

Oxford Insight delivers high quality content from Oxford University Press within powerful, data-driven courseware designed to optimize student success. 

A Next Generation Study Experience

Oxford Insight Study Guide is a data-driven and personalized digital learning tool that reinforces key concepts from the course text and encourages effective reading and study habits.

Tour the Courseware

Explore a walk-through of the features and learning science behind Oxford Insight within the platform itself.

What Instructors and Students Are Saying

Instructor Review

Student Review

Student Review

"The material was easy to use. It provided instant feedback for both the student and the instructor, and made the learning process easier. It also gave me a good idea of what students knew and/or what was needed for additional learning." 

"The assessments were very helpful and I retained more information rather than if I was just reading the book."

"I liked the material, and thought it was presented very effortlessly and efficiently, I would totally recommend." 

Instructor Review

Student Review

Instructor Review

"The assessments were very easy to understand. I enjoyed using the guided practice that was used in the Oxford University Press version of the textbook. It made it extremely easy to follow information."

"The courseware is easy to navigate and understand." 

"There is a great deal of data at your fingertips regarding each area of the content, as well as how your class and individual students are doing in the course." 

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